Rainforest Toucans

Rainforest Toucans


Habitat: Rainforest toucans make their habitat in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America and the Caribbean. There are 42 different species in the Amazon rainforest and 6 species in Costa Rica. Rainforest toucans stay in the canopy of the trees preferring wide, open spaces and avoiding dense areas of forest cover. They create their own small communities equivalent to several families. Five or six adults share a home which is a hole in a tree. They play together enjoying a game of beak wrestling and when they mate they toss fruit to each other. As parents both the mother and father are active participants in the rearing of their baby toucan.

Diet: Rainforest toucans eat fruits such as guavas, berries and palm fruit. They also enjoy insects, lizards and the eggs of other birds for protein. They discharge the seeds they eat aiding in the regeneration of the rainforest.

Fun Facts: The toucan’s large colorful bills are famous around the world but until very recently, no one understood its purpose. For a long time people thought their bill was to attract a mate. As it turns out, their bill acts as a radiator regulating their body temperature. It can dump heat so the toucan stays cool.  Despite its huge size a toucan’s bill is actually very lightweight and strong due to a rigid foamy inside and layers of fibrous keratin outside. What comes out of their bill is a loud croaking sound, music for the rainforest. Rainforest toucans are some of the loudest birds in the forest.


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