Poison Dart Frog of the Rainforest

Poison Dart Frogs of the Rainforest

Habitat: Poison dart frogs of the rainforest are native to Central and South America.

Diet: Poison dart frogs feed on spiders, insects, ants and termites and, like other frogs, their long sticky tongues are quite effective at capturing their prey. Poison dart frogs of the rainforest get their poison from their diet. They eat toxic ants, centipedes and beetles and these toxins are passed to the collecting in the glands of their skin. Poison frogs at the zoo are not actually poisonous because they don’t eat the same toxic prey their wild rainforest counterparts do.

Fun Facts: Poison dart frogs of the rainforest are known for their brilliant colors and toxic secretions. Natives of the Amazon rainforest would dip the tips of their blow darts in these poisonous secretions to aid them in their hunting efforts. One tiny drop of this poison can kill a bird or a small mammal. One bottle cap of secretions from the golden poison frog can supply poison for 30-50 darts and the poison is so strong it can stay active for up to a year.  Poison dart frogs of the rainforest have skin is so poisonous the natives pick them up with waxy leaves.  Even though there are over 100 species of poison frogs only 3 of the frog species is actually known to be used by the Natives in this hunting technique so even though we tend to lump all 100 frog species into the poison dart category that is technically a falsehood.

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